Babsnec - Support of the Century

SUb Head

Babsnec - Support of the Century

How did you ever manage before?

Welcome to my Babsnec shop.  Babsnec is a brand new concept of a Support Head Cushion. When fitted and you are sitting up in either your chair or bed, it gives you a comfort that you may have been looking for for years but just never knew where to find it.

So now you are sitting up with your shoulders and neck resting on your Babsnec,  Now put your head back and it will lay on the top curve. WOW!!!!! How how long have you been waiting for something like this?  

So why have you not seen it anywhere else then?  Why???? Because it is such a simple idea but it is just not been available until now!

Each Babsnec is made to order. You tell us the size and material and style that you want and my UK manufacturer will custom make it

So what are you waiting for?  Be the envy of your friends and neighbours...but the first to say "I have a Babsnec.....don't you?"

Do you have a Hotel, Guest House, Motorhome, Yacht? Make your rooms complete with a Babsnec!