Babsnec 2ft 6ins/75cm


Attach Curtain Tie Back Hooks (Not suppilied) securely to your wall. Hang Babsnec straps over your hooks.  The skirt of the Babsnec sits behind your pillows.  When ready to sit up, stand your pillows up under the D of the Babsnec then sit up and relax.

Babsnec has a removeable outter cover so if you change the colour of your room you do not have to buy the complete set, just a new cover. The super soft foam interior is also enclosed in a removeable cover in order for cleaning.  

Filling: Supersoft Foam (Flame retardant) BS5852: Part 2: 1982 Ignition source 5

Schedule 3 Interliner  (Flame retardant) BS5852: Part 2: 1982 Crib Ignition source 5

Cover Fabric: Non Flame Retartant unless required

Fabric images should be used as a guide only and do not always accurately portray a colour or pattern due to screen restrictions.

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